Alberto Viña was born in 1985. He began to learn music in 1991 with Ludmila Cavalaro and was admitted in Municipal Conservatory of Canelones (Uruguay) in 2000.

Later on he studied composition and guitar in the Montevideo College of Music (UdelaR). He learnt guitar with Mario Paysée and Sergio Fernández Cabrera, among others; and composition with Osvaldo Budón, Miguel Marozzi, Leo Masliah and Beatriz Lockhart. He Also took master classes with Eduardo Fernández, Eduardo Baranzano, Óscar Cáceres and Juan Carlos Amestoy. At the same time he studied music pedagogy in the Institute for High School Teachers “Artigas”.

In 2007 his piece “Témpanos” won the A category in the “Musicalia” contest organized by the University of Arts of Cuba. In 2013 he finished his degree in the Madrid Royal Conservatory, where he had the chance to improve his skills with José Luis Rodrigo and Javier Somoza. He also studied Composition with Alejandro López Román and jazz improvisation with Javier García and flamenco improvisation with Carlos Galán.

He has played in the Solis Theatre, the Vaz Ferreira auditorium and the Agadu auditorium in Montevideo and in the Mayor Theatre in Madrid. He has also performed in well known live music pubs like “Clamores” in Madrid or “Guambia” in Montevideo.